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Little Jerry,

some will remember, was the name of Kramer’s fighting rooster in “Seinfeld”, named after his neighbor, Jerry Seinfeld. To us, it’s a symbol of being small but feisty, of pure determination but also of whimsy and unexpected ideas.

And that’s what we’re about. Like Little Jerry, we put on our boxing gloves (yeah, we know cockfighting does not involve boxing gloves) and take on any project, delivering big agency results, but without the overhead or the formalities. We love being small and agile, as it makes us perfect for smaller projects with a big soul, while allowing us to go where others won’t. We’re risk takers. We’re web-based. We’re a new kind of studio. We’re Little Jerry.

   We’re good.

We don’t like blowing our own horn, but we have won a bunch of awards and contests. Our creative concepts have received over 20 awards, including Tongal’s 2014 “Ideator of the Year” award and an induction into their “Hall of Fame” in 2017; while our videos have been selected in international contests and featured in different outlets, including the Huffington Post (and that was just our vacation footage).

   We’re global.

No, we don’t have an office in Tokyo and another one in Lisbon. That’s exactly it: Our office is the web. We work from Buenos Aires, delivering projects to the US, Europe or anywhere else, all in their own language and looking local… but shot right here in Argentina. And if your project requires it, we’re more than happy to just fly to you. Combining freelance networks, travel expertise and a small footprint has allowed us to shoot ads in the US, Italy and the UAE, to name a few.

   We’re cheaper.

It’s not like we’ll reshoot Titanic for a pizza coupon, but there are upsides to not having a staff of 30 in a swanky office building in London. We’re a creative team of 2, relying on resourcefulness and a worldwide catalogue of freelancers, and based in multicultural, cosmopolitan (but still very cheap) Buenos Aires.

    We’re different.

You won’t get from us the same ideas you’ll get from everyone else. We’ll go outside the box, stomp on the box and then say sorry and buy you a new box (but come on… who values boxes so much?). We pitched a video of Dracula vs. a head of garlic. We sold bacon with a found footage ghost video. We celebrated Einstein with a film about a guy waiting for microwave ramen.

We specialize in

Unique Fashion Films


When it comes to fashion films, we find our favorite role is wearing the producer hat and being in charge of organizing the madness. Working with a wide roster of the very best photographers, videographers, stylists, art directors and hair & makeup artists, we make magic happen.

Authentic Docs


If what you seek is to connect with your followers and fans, then emotional content is the way to go, but not just any type of content: Honest, sincere, transparent content that doesn’t seem designed or built by the brand, but born out of real people and real heart.

Offbeat Comedy


The best way to stand out in the overcrowded landscape of branded web content is through the unexpectedthat comedic idea that seems a bit too weird or too specific for a huge corporate brand to sign off on… until they do.

Some of our latest work

Perramus – SS23

Perramus – SS23

Perramus – FW23

Perramus – FW23

Westin – Copley Place

Westin – Copley Place

Nat Geo – Relativity Ramen

Nat Geo – Relativity Ramen

FIAT – Journeys x FIAT // Thomas

FIAT – Journeys x FIAT // Thomas

Lay’s – Mummy (Director’s Cut)

Lay’s – Mummy (Director’s Cut)

Some of our clients

Meet the team

Federico Fracchia


Studied Literature, majored in Film Directing. He's the man behind -and sometimes, in front- of the camera. Clearly the one who picked a Seinfeld reference for a name.

Lola Ferre


A fashion-obsessed Communications Major. Resourceful, creative, hard-working: There's a reason she's the best fashion producer in town.